About Us

Gil Medical is one of the largest firms for import and distribution of high quality technological solutions for the medical community in Israel, operating since 1972 (initially under the name “Tzamal” until it was changed in 1999). We provide top-of-the-line medical technologies to leading MDs and clinics across Israel, alongside an end-to-end service and support cycle, in a wide range of medical fields. We’re proud to be an integral part of an industry that saves and improves lives every day.  

Our Partners

Why do our clients and partners choose us

Hands on experience

Our team is highly regarded for its hands-on experience in various medical fields. Everyone on our commercial staff holds an academic degree, with hands on experience in the medical and R&D fields..

Zero-compromise policy

We operate with accordance to the Israeli Standards Institute and have an ISO 9001-2000 certification. Our social and commercial responsibility is to source only high quality equipment and devices. Our reputation is based on the quality we offer, so we cannot afford to compromise.

Leading in innovation

We stay one step ahead by monitoring new developments in medical technology to make sure we can quickly adopt them if they becomes viable. Gil Medical is positioned at the forefront of medical equipment importation and distribution in Israel.

Depth and breadth of solutions

We’re representing over 30 medical equipment manufacturers from around the globe. The breadth of our products spans across cardiology, radiology, respiratory care, anesthesia, cardiovascular & thoracic, orthopedics & spine, critical care and general medical equipment.

Trusted by the medical community

In the past 4 decades we’ve been an integral part of Israel’s medical eco-system. Gil Medical has been operating in Israel since 1972, and has gained a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner supporting the medical community.

Nationwide 24/7 service

We offer nationwide round-the-clock distribution and customer support, year long. Streamlined logistics, efficient management and dedicated customer service teams have placed Gil medical on top of the priority list for multiple medical establishments.

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